Time is Money in Real Estate

                                                        TIME IS MONEY IN REAL ESTATE


Is  Price really the No. 1 incentive to get people to look at your listing?

$ House

Real Estate Brokers know and  continue to show that when you price a home correctly right from the start will get more showings and a higher  selling price than if you priced your home above current market value just to see what happens.  A educated agent knows there are three very important things to do when listing a home and Price is one of them and can make a break your listing from the start.

The reality is:  When a home is priced too high, you are eventually  forced to  lower  the asking price.   Price reductions sometimes weekly, are a common when a house is not priced correctly from the start.

Studies continue to show, once a property fails to sell at its debut price, the time it spends on the market just encourages  buyers to be aggressive in negotiating and bring lower offers.  TIME IS MONEY.

Price reductions continue to encourage  this aggressive bargaining.  Think about it what does a PRICE REDUCTION mean to you?

If you are serious about selling, NOW is the time to adjust the price to whatever it takes to get the property sold. PRICE ALONG WITH AN AGGRESSIVE MARKETING PLAN AND FULL TIME AGENT WHO IS DEDICATED and FULL SERVICE ARE THE THREE IMPORTANT STEPS.

No one knows where the market is going this UPCOMING YEAR  as we had an amazing start of the year and now the market has slowed in the Chicago Suburbs with listings.  Now is the time to price right and sell if you are ready to sell.

House w:Cash

No one wants to make these hard  decisions, so they do so with a long term plan involved.  Just remember, if your waiting for the market to “turn around” it may be a long road if your a seller. If you are a buyer NOW is the time to enjoy the benefits of home ownership at the right price.  Based on predictions from the financial world if your are going to be in your home for 7-10 years this is your time.



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Tamara Schuster is 3rd Generation Broker and RANKED NATIONALLY IN THE TOP 7% OF REALTORS by her company and multi million dollar producer annually. She is part of for the award winning Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Elite Realtors Team based in Naperville, Illinois and serving the WESTERN SUBURBS of CHICAGO. As a Real Estate Consultant I provide top level REAL ESTATE expertise and to Buyers and Sellers. Your home is one of the most expensive purchases most people make and I guide you through the process of buying and selling to ensure that the entire process is rewarding and exciting and stress free. Real Estate is my Passion and it shows. Areas of expertise include superior negotiating skills, unsurpassed customer service, innovative ideas for both buyers and sellers THAT ARE CUTTING EDGE. My Business Degree from Central Michigan University includes a Marketing Degree and finance background. Knowledge is power in this market. Full Service, Full time dedicated broker with over 30 years experience.
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